About us

The European Society of International Law (ESIL) Interest Group on the Law of the Sea (LAWSEA IG) provides a forum for those involved in, or interested in, international law of the sea matters, including navigation, maritime delimitation, jurisdiction over maritime spaces, exploration and exploitation of the seabed, fisheries, the protection of the marine environment, the settlement of maritime disputes, European Union interests in the law of the sea, and the activities of institutions that focus on the law of the sea.

The LAWSEA IG is a place for ESIL members from academia, government and private practice to exchange information, and facilitate research, co-operation and discussion on law of the sea issues. To this end, the LAWSEA IG endeavours to (co-)organise panels, conferences and workshops, and to collaborate with other groups that focus on law of the sea topics.

For more information about the LAWSEA IG, or opportunities for co-operation, please contact the convenors:

Our Annual Report 2020-2021 can be accessed here.

We also have a Twitter account, where we regularly post and retweet information concerning new publications and upcoming external events. Please have a look and follow us if you like @esil_lawsea. We encourage our IG members to contact us for retweeting/announcing upcoming law of the sea related events, publications, news, etc.

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